Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2002 11:22 PM
Subject: Grimace
From: "Brian" <>
To: "McDonald’s" <>

I want to convey to the McDonald’s corporation my approval of the recent spate of television advertisements featuring Grimace.


Long have I been intrigued by this rotund, lovable, purple enigma, and long have I believed that he was not being utilized as the important marketing tool he truly could be. Ronald McDonald may prove to always be the character that butters corporate McDonald’s McMuffin, and I am not suggesting that he be removed from future campaigns, I simply want to express my fondness for "The Grimace" and desire that he continues to be used, and in an ever-expanding capacity, in your television, radio, Internet, and traditional print advertisements.

Grimace is purple and adorable

I vaguely remember commercials from my youth that featured this jellybean gent, but can not recall if his, let us say, limited cognitive abilities were showcased as adorably as they have been alongside media luminaries Donald Trump and Cedric the Entertainer. His blank stares, doe-eyed blinks, and hesitant arm movements all capture wonderfully this amiable character finding himself in circumstances that he perhaps does not fully understand. And the most recent reintroduction of that nefarious Hamburglar begs the question: who will return next? Birdie? The Fry Guys? Dare I dream … Mayor McCheese???

McDonald's characters from McDonaldland: Ronald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie, Fry Guys

America, at least this loyal consumer, waits with bated breath. Let Grimace and his band of forgotten friends lead the McDonald’s march into the coming year and beyond (and not in animated form, please). 2003: The Year of the Grimace!

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Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 4:01 PM
Subject:Message from McDonald’s Corp
From: "McDonald’s Corporation" <xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Brian" <xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Brian:

Thank you for writing to McDonald’s about Grimace. We also love this big, purple guy.

Grimace and some Asian kid with something written in Asian

Everyone in McDonaldland loves Grimace because of his innocent, loving nature. He’s enthusiastic, eager and easily pleased. Grimace walks with a rolling gait, and can’t be classified as any particular kind of animal.

Grimace rollerskating (painting on outside of a McDonald's)

While I’m not sure when you’ll see Grimace or any of the other McDonaldland characters featured in our commercials, your comments are important to us and have been shared with our Advertising team for their review.

Grimace, Cedric the Entertainer, and the Hamburglar

Again, thanks for thinking of Grimace. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Department