Like literally hundreds of other people, the authors of love crazed sports memorabilia pitchman Don West. LOVE him. Goddamn do we miss dozing off to Don’s melodious screeching after a long Saturday night of most likely watching Don West sell worthless shit on TV.

Don West

But with the advent of YouTube, while we didn’t get any new DW, we did get many hours of classic Don due to the hard work of great men like McP485 and cybermud. And now I would like to make my own contribution to the greater global Westosphere – may I be karmically repaid with someone FINALLY uploading clips of Don screaming about Pokemon cards.

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What you’re seeing is a playlist containing all 122 videos currently on YouTube of Don selling sports nonsense, Beanie Babies, and even Mother’s Day jewelry! Anticipating one of the countless inevitable questions regarding methodology, I will explain that I left out the "Smoke Arrest" clips because – while they are not lacking in their own particular charm – their tone and pacing just don’t jive with the rest of the videos and I wanted all manic Don, all the time.

Folks, do yourself a favor and click the following link for an all-night party shuffle version of the Don West Megamix. Kill the lights, crank that shit up, and pleasant dreams…