Previously on Jay Cutler Watch


“Wait, didn’t I order some pizzas or something?”

Moments later, the mystery is solved!

Mike Shanahan: “That’s definitely not a Denver area code. That’s……let’s see here…….yeah, that’s the Papa John’s in KC. They probably delivered to Arrowhead. Anyway, they’re starting to play a lot of Cover 2, so let’s move to more double tight-end…..”

Jay: “I’m so fucking hungry right now. I swear to God.”

Overcome by the startling realization that he won’t eat until the game is over, Jay retreats to the bench.

Coach: “Jay, we’re down by 38! I really need you to focus here! Talk to me!”

Jay: (barely audible through sobbing) “Tell the… announcer guy to…put on some String Cheese Incident.”