What Do Birthers Believe?

Birthers believe that Barack Obama is not a legitimate president because he was not born in the United States.

President Barack Obama as a young child

But, faced with rather overwhelming evidence that he was born in the United States…

Obama Birther Movement

…some birthers claim that he’s not eligible because he was born a dual citizen (of the US and either Kenya or Great Britain) making him, again, illegitimate.

Birthers do not believe President Obama is a naturally born American citizen

Birthers Theories

Here are some of the more popularly accepted theories:

The Birthers Movement

Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Obama’s mother was living in Kenya with Obama’s father, and after his birth, she took him back to Hawaii to register his birth. Birthers claim Obama’s paternal grandmother admitted to being present during Obama’s birth in Kenya.

Do you believe the Birthers?

Barack Obama is a citizen of Indonesia, where his sister was born.

Birthers question President's birth

Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

Was Barack Obama born in Hawaii?

Barack Obama’s birth certificate isn’t a forgery, but they used to give those out to people who were born overseas.

Proof of Obama's birth

Hawaii didn’t give out birth certificates to kids born overseas at the time of Obama’s birth, but his mother lied about where he was born in order to procure one.

Birthers demand the truth!

Note: This article is derived from the Gawker.com story "The Birthers: Who Are They And What Do They Want?" by Alex Pareene and is used with gratitude but not permission.


So there you have it: the Barack Obama Birthers Movement completely exposed. But are they right?

Birther Conspiracy Theory

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