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When Promotional Gimmicks Go Bad: Disney’s Bolt

Rhino the Hamster from Walt Disney's Bolt thinks dicks are fully awesome.

Any Given Sunday Speech: “Inches”

Al Pacino's inspirational locker room speech from Any Given Sunday made significantly less inspirational through remixing by
The Jason Narvy Almost Hoax

The Jason Narvy Almost Hoax

A retelling of the time Brian and Keith almost messed with the mind of the actor who played Skull on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Democratic And Republican Candidate Photo Equivalencies

What do Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin have to do with Rugg Williams, Richard Nason, Ed Gilbert, and David L. Lander? This Photoshop.

A Comprehensive List of People Who Are Actually Dead But Have Been Using Body Doubles to Hide This Fact

The startling revelation that Kim Jong-Il has been dead and replaced by body-doubles inspires to look at other well-known people who are dead but carried on by lookalikes.
Sarah Palin Banned Books List!

Sarah Palin Banned Books List!

As mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin wanted to ban books from public libraries. Which books? These books.

Shocking Political News: Father of Bristol Palin Baby Revealed! reveals the SHOCKING identity of the father of the baby of Bristol Palin. Actually, it's not very shocking. Even Britney probably saw this one coming.

3DB (Kinda) Visits The Democratic National Convention

Denver-based rapper and entrepreneur Three Dolla Billy visits the Democratic National Convention in downtown Denver and learns that political conventions are a mixed bag for those in gay prostitution business.

Unfinished Work: Summer Grab Bag

What's better than one new Catsandbeer article? How about five incomplete ones? No? Fuck you!

Guest Blogger: Parker Whittle From The Microsoft i’m Initiative!

Microsoft i'm Initiative enthusiast and not at all fake blogger Parker Whittle pens a guest column to further detail his love of Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail and ... other things. It appears 24/7 chatting and blogging has taken a disturbing, sinister toll on Mr. Whittle.

The Interview: The BK Burger Shots Guy talks to a guy who scores hot ladies with the help of adorable little hamburgers. Then he pounds them two at a time...the burgers, that is.

Don Imus Is Still Not A Racist

Don Imus is still not a racist and he wants all you niggers to understand that.