I’m serious – I just figured out how to get rich off of PayPal and it is a ZERO RISK-type deal – consider it exploiting a loophole in the system.

PayPal Verified seal

I just got that seal – I just got “PayPal verified” – and do you know how I did it? By letting PayPal give me money!!! Look at this:

Paypal screenshot

that’s a screenshot from my Bank of America account – what it shows (other than that I recently enjoyed a hamburger from Mary’s) is TWO deposits from PayPal – what it doesn’t show is that I DON’T HAVE TO RETURN THAT CASH TO PAYPAL!

The deposits were made as step one towards becoming a verified PayPal member (having an active bank account hooked up for direct deposits and withdraws for PayPal business). Step two is (was) to return to the PayPal account and enter in the amounts of the deposits. Step three was (is) to be twenty-one motherfucking cents richer.

So you see where I’m going with this one: more PayPal accounts + more verified bank accounts = more free cash.

Bob Barker

This money is just out there for the taking. eBay bought PayPal sometime ago, so don’t worry about them, they have deep pockets. So take this guy’s pre- workplace sexual harassment lawsuit Bob Barker advice and reach into those pockets and pull out your prize – the small amounts deposited are (for obvious reasons) not predetermined, so you won’t know how rich you’ll become until you try and become (exactly) that rich!