Don West Blowout Megamix!

Don West Blowout Megamix! presents The Don West Megamix: over 100 YouTube clips of Don West from his Shop At Home days strung together for your infinite enjoyment.
Hey Dude Fan Fiction: The Bar None Ranch Gang Saves RFK, Chap. 1

Hey Dude Fan Fiction: The Bar None Ranch Gang Saves RFK, Chap. 1

The first chapter of my fan fiction story about the time the Bar None Ranch gang (with some help from a few Salute Your Shorts alums) went back in time to save RFK from being assassinated.


In 2002, I emailed the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Department to express my customer satisfaction with their series of Grimace television commercials.

The Interview: The BK Burger Shots Guy talks to a guy who scores hot ladies with the help of adorable little hamburgers. Then he pounds them two at a time...the burgers, that is.
Dawson's Creek: Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot)

Dawson’s Creek: Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot)

The entire first episode of Dawson's Creek told using only character names.

Doing The Beaver With Dottie’s Magic Pockets

Dottie’s Magic Pockets is a gay, bootleg version of Pee Wee’s Playhouse sans the wit, irreverence, and – surprisingly enough – cowboy. Join Dottie and her shitty friends as they do the beaver, do the can, and turn your children gay.

RE: Don West – Correction And Apology

I correct an error in a Don West-related top ten list and swear upon the eyes of my mother that I will not let it happen again.

What Is Frank TV?

The TBS cable network has the entire country asking, "What is Frank TV?" In two months we'll find out the answer is "that sketch comedy show with the impressionist guy that TBS canceled."

The 10 Most Controversial Don West Comments, A Definitive List

We present a definitive listing of Don West's most controversial on-air quotes. No feelings are spared as he declares things nuts and possibly even unbelievable.

Hey, Hollywood: How About Some More Christina Applegate Sitcoms???

In this edition of "Hey Hollywood!," Brian issues Tinseltown his TV demands: more Christina Applegate, more Jesse Camp, more founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren and, of course, more butt sex.

Hernandez’s Head

Critically-acclaimed comedian Brian Hernandez mercilessly skewers the current and the cultural, whether in the studio or out on the street. Enter Hernandez's Head and immerse yourself in his unique, unflinching take on the world.

Checkin’ In Wit’ Emo

Alt comic Emo Philips is NOT pleased that CBS situation comedy According to Jim is being sent out to pasture.