Mike Tomlin's Beard

Mike Tomlin’s Beard

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has at least two things I do not: a Super Bowl ring and a fantastic beard.
Utah Backcountry Skiing Guide - Big Cottonwood Canyon

Utah Backcountry Skiing Guide – Big Cottonwood Canyon

A guide to all the best backcountry drainages in Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon. Get away from the crowds and experience the bliss of untracked snow!

Epilogue: Jay Cutler Speaks To A Dietician

Jay Cutler learns a harsh truth about diabetes: certain aspects of his personal life will be affected for the worse.

Dear Duke: You Lift Us Up More Than You Know

"When Gerald soars, we feel it and our own feeble steps lighten a bit." There's gay, there's gay and then there's this.

If They Weren’t Coaching: Sweet Sixteen Edition

March Madness is in full effect and only sixteen teams remain as we kick off the second weekend of the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Let's figure out what the head coaches of each of the Sweet Sixteen teams would be doing for a living if they weren't coaching.

Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow

Every glorious Tim Tebow mention from the November 24, 2007 Florida Gators - Florida State Seminoles college football television broadcast, edited together for your amusement.

Finale: Denver Is Safe Again

Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler's hunger knows no bounds, so how will the future John Elway deal with the munchies from within a Colorado jail cell?

The Many Faces Of Steve McNair

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair is as charismatic as the Sphinx (and nearly as old).

Sunday Around The NFL: Randy Moss Vs. Terrell Owens

Randy Moss or Terrell Owens: who's the NFL's top wide receiver? Let's take a head-to-head look at the guys ...

Update 2: Jay Cutler Is Hungry And Becoming Upset About It

Mike Shanahan solves the mystery of where Jay Cutler's missing pizzas went, but Jay is visibly shaken by the answer....

Update: Jay Cutler Is Hungry For Some Reason

For some reason (wink, wink), Jay Cutler decides to have some food delivered before the big game.

Midseason Replacement: Ravens Blog

Prepare to following the adventures of the Ravens Blog team, the only group of journalists brave enough to cover the Ravens and fight a vigilante battle against mostly Ravens-related crime in Baltimore.