Real Life
The Jason Narvy Almost Hoax

The Jason Narvy Almost Hoax

A retelling of the time Brian and Keith almost messed with the mind of the actor who played Skull on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Ethics And Morality Quiz: Cute Overload Edition

A casual conversation between two snowboarders causes the author to ponder the moral standards of murdering animals.

Off The Beaten Path In Golden, Colorado

A visitors guide to the less-visited sights, sounds and smells of Golden, CO. This is just a guide; you should really come and see them for yourself.

Christmastime With An Animatronic Demon Bear

A seemingly possessed Tell a Story Teddy animatronic bear tells us the true story of Christmas while being scary as fuck.

Golden, Colorado 2008 Events Calendar: January Through March

Learn about the fun activities planned in Golden Colorado for the first quarter of 2008. Don't miss any of the fun!

Aqua Dots Victims Had It Coming

The children's toy Aqua Dots has been recalled because it contains a chemical which when consumed produces GHB or "the date rape drug" within the human body. This news has sparked public outrage since kids playing with Aqua Dots are clearly too young to be dating.

Live Blog: First Snow In Denver

Keith diligently tracks the course of Denver's first seasonal snowfall with enough facts, jokes and suicide threats to keep the mood lively!

Mac Peripherals: Suck It JHod!

Computing without a Mac is virtually impossible. Computing with a Mac is extremely simple and illuminating.

LiveBlog: Caterpillar On My Porch

3:14 PM: Welcome to the Caterpillar on my Porch Liveblog. I’m hoping to bring you some interesting facts, figures and stories as I document this important event of a giant caterpillar crawling across my porch.

From The Vaults: Brian Travels America

Riding America's historic railways is a great way to get to know the United States. The only downside? Most of the United States is incredibly fucking boring.

I Love My New Job

Who wouldn't want to have the chance to work on DJ Dizzy's Dance Hizzy Part Two?!

Show Some Fucking Pride

How in the hell is 24 Hour Fitness celebrating Gay Pride by shortening the hours of my gay gym?