This Is Stupid and The Big Ask (whatever that is) present ... bunnies fucking (to Salt N' Pepa's Shoop!)

The Top 10 Rock Songs Black People Love, A Post Written By A Black Person

Black People like rock music? Seriously? Apparently so. Don't believe me? Then check this out: The Ten - no, make that - TWELVE Rock Songs Black People Love. This list must be true - a Black Person wrote it!
The Top 10 Rap Songs White People Love

The Top 10 Rap Songs White People Love

White People love rap music! Well, White People love very specific kinds of rap music. presents as the results of an extensive scientific study "The Top Ten Rap Songs White People Love." Cited and referenced, with video clips, explanations, and analysis. Holla!!!

Spread Your Legs And Jam!

Bathroom foot-tapping is not a secret signal for some lewd and lascivious act - it just means you're rockin' out with your cockin out!