People Shit Says!

People Shit Says!

Catsandbeer jumps on the Shit People Say bandwagon with People Shit Says.

McDonald’s Angus Anus

McDonald's Anus Third Pounders. 100% Anus. 100% Delicious. Sink your teeth into 100% Anus. It's a delicious everyday value that can satisfy even the biggest appetites.


Brian watches a famous disgusting viral video.

Democratic And Republican Candidate Photo Equivalencies

What do Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin have to do with Rugg Williams, Richard Nason, Ed Gilbert, and David L. Lander? This Photoshop.

Unfinished Work: Summer Grab Bag

What's better than one new Catsandbeer article? How about five incomplete ones? No? Fuck you!

Guest Blogger: Parker Whittle From The Microsoft i’m Initiative!

Microsoft i'm Initiative enthusiast and not at all fake blogger Parker Whittle pens a guest column to further detail his love of Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail and ... other things. It appears 24/7 chatting and blogging has taken a disturbing, sinister toll on Mr. Whittle.

Humpy Is Coming

Future Internet and viral video sensation Humpy makes an innocuous online debut.

Your Chance to Help a Blogger in Need!

Help me locate a Mr. Hycenth A. Tasan of Liberia so that we might discuss some aspects of the business opportunity he is offering me. If I do not hear back from him soon, I'm afraid there is nothing I can do to help his boss Chuckie.

God Bless The Makers Of The Penis Enlarge Patch

Since the Internet loves lists, is proud to present The 303 Greatest Penis Enlarge Patch Spams. Pack a lunch and grab a six-pack - this one's gonna take all day.
Fuck You,!

Fuck You,!

Hey sit, spin, and then go fuck yourself.

On Ron Paul, Getting High, Snorgling, And Other Nonsense

Ron Paul is a certifiable Internet phenomenon, just apparently not as big of one as cats licking guinea pigs and Jay Cutler looking stoned. But all that stands to change with the advent of the biggest thing to hit the Web since google ... lolrons!

Fuck You, Vermont!

Is there any US state more worthless than Vermont? (NO!) Is this even up for debate? (NO!)