Lookalikes: Nicki Minaj and Wendy Ho

Lookalikes: Nicki Minaj and Wendy Ho

Lookalikes - Nicki Minaj and Wendy Ho: Separated at never?

A Comprehensive List of People Who Are Actually Dead But Have Been Using Body Doubles to Hide This Fact

The startling revelation that Kim Jong-Il has been dead and replaced by body-doubles inspires Catsandbeer.com to look at other well-known people who are dead but carried on by lookalikes.

Don Imus Is Still Not A Racist

Don Imus is still not a racist and he wants all you niggers to understand that.

Shocking Celebrity News: Father Of Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Revealed!

Catsandbeer.com reveals the SHOCKING identity of the father of the baby of Jamie Lynn Spears. Actually, it's not very shocking. Even Britney probably saw this one coming.

Cross-Generational Niche Market Lookalikes

Michael Showalter and Mitchel Musso: two goofy-looking comic actors whose respective audiences have precisely zero-percent overlap.

I’ve Gained A Wonderful Perspective On Life

Mac and PC realize that friendship and love are the most important things in the world. Then, art imitates life.

The Coco Crisp Theory: A 3-Step Plan For Raising A Famous Child

This is how to get rich by breeding famous children. It's a foolproof plan and I'm giving it away for free.

September Lookalike

Tori Spelling and Admiral Ackbar: separated at hatching?

What The Fuck Happened To Tori Spelling’s Face?

She's got her own show on the Oxygen Network and will be on next season's Dancing with the Stars, but what the fuck happened to Tori Spelling's face?

Mac, I’m Not Sure We Can Be Friends Anymore

Drew Barrymore caught making out with the “Mac guy"? PC (John Hodgman) isn't going to like this one bit ...

Insufferable Comedic Actor Deathmatch: French Stewart Vs. Chris Kattan

In celebration of the imminent premiere/cancellation of Fox’s new animated series "Two Dreadful Children," catsandbeer.com has decided to pit two of the show’s stars against one another to once and for all answer the question mankind has furiously debated since around 1997 or so: Who is the more loathsome mincing comic anathema, French Stewart or...

If You Were Jamie Kennedy, How Would You Fellate the Homeless Man In The Passenger Seat of Your Vehicle?

Here's a new party game that anyone can play. All you need is the power of your imagination!