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Science Research: Things You Can Spell With the Periodic Table

Science Research: Things You Can Spell With the Periodic Table

I am attempting to create a definitive list of words, phrases and sentences you can spell using elements from the periodic table. I believe this work has the potential to uncover revolutionary new chemical compounds.
Utah Backcountry Skiing Guide - Big Cottonwood Canyon

Utah Backcountry Skiing Guide – Big Cottonwood Canyon

A guide to all the best backcountry drainages in Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon. Get away from the crowds and experience the bliss of untracked snow!
Hey Dude Fan Fiction: The Bar None Ranch Gang Saves RFK, Chap. 1

Hey Dude Fan Fiction: The Bar None Ranch Gang Saves RFK, Chap. 1

The first chapter of my fan fiction story about the time the Bar None Ranch gang (with some help from a few Salute Your Shorts alums) went back in time to save RFK from being assassinated.

A Comprehensive List of People Who Are Actually Dead But Have Been Using Body Doubles to Hide This Fact

The startling revelation that Kim Jong-Il has been dead and replaced by body-doubles inspires to look at other well-known people who are dead but carried on by lookalikes.

3DB (Kinda) Visits The Democratic National Convention

Denver-based rapper and entrepreneur Three Dolla Billy visits the Democratic National Convention in downtown Denver and learns that political conventions are a mixed bag for those in gay prostitution business.

The Interview: The BK Burger Shots Guy talks to a guy who scores hot ladies with the help of adorable little hamburgers. Then he pounds them two at a time...the burgers, that is.

Epilogue: Jay Cutler Speaks To A Dietician

Jay Cutler learns a harsh truth about diabetes: certain aspects of his personal life will be affected for the worse.

Ethics And Morality Quiz: Cute Overload Edition

A casual conversation between two snowboarders causes the author to ponder the moral standards of murdering animals.

Off The Beaten Path In Golden, Colorado

A visitors guide to the less-visited sights, sounds and smells of Golden, CO. This is just a guide; you should really come and see them for yourself.

Supreme Court Mad Libs

To make constitutional law more interesting, we're offering a do it yourself Mad Lib to help you write your own rulings! Just fill in the blanks to create your own statement on free speech and censorship!!!!!

Golden, Colorado 2008 Events Calendar: January Through March

Learn about the fun activities planned in Golden Colorado for the first quarter of 2008. Don't miss any of the fun!

SAT Practice Exam: Reading Comprehension

The authors of Catsandbeer provide a free, take-at-home practice section for the SAT. Find out if you or your child is capable of reading at a college level. There's no shame in trade school and truth be told, a good tool-and-die man will make a lot more money than the average college grad.