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Supreme Court Mad Libs

To make constitutional law more interesting, we're offering a do it yourself Mad Lib to help you write your own rulings! Just fill in the blanks to create your own statement on free speech and censorship!!!!!

Golden, Colorado 2008 Events Calendar: January Through March

Learn about the fun activities planned in Golden Colorado for the first quarter of 2008. Don't miss any of the fun!

Shocking Celebrity News: Father Of Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Revealed! reveals the SHOCKING identity of the father of the baby of Jamie Lynn Spears. Actually, it's not very shocking. Even Britney probably saw this one coming.

Update: Feedback From The Museum Of Death

What concerns you most about psychiatry? What do you think should be done about the practice of psychiatry? How much do you fucking hate psychiatry? Answer here!

SAT Practice Exam: Reading Comprehension

The authors of Catsandbeer provide a free, take-at-home practice section for the SAT. Find out if you or your child is capable of reading at a college level. There's no shame in trade school and truth be told, a good tool-and-die man will make a lot more money than the average college grad.

Cross-Generational Niche Market Lookalikes

Michael Showalter and Mitchel Musso: two goofy-looking comic actors whose respective audiences have precisely zero-percent overlap.

RE: Don West – Correction And Apology

I correct an error in a Don West-related top ten list and swear upon the eyes of my mother that I will not let it happen again.
Fun At The Church Of Scientology's "Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death" Museum!

Fun At The Church Of Scientology’s "Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death" Museum!

The one can’t miss attraction for tourists to the Los Angeles area is the Church of Scientology’s “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” museum. Come along on a fun photo field trip as visits this very important educational center which is opening the eyes of the world and crushing the black, black hearts of psychiatrists....