Monthly archive November, 2007

I’ve Gained A Wonderful Perspective On Life

Mac and PC realize that friendship and love are the most important things in the world. Then, art imitates life.

Monday Night Musings: One Day Chris Kattan Could Be the Missing Link; This Must Be Stopped

If all humans died today, one day some future archaeologist would dig one of us up and make all sorts of extrapolations from that one point of data. We must make sure that only qualified humans are around to be discovered in the future.

What Is Frank TV?

The TBS cable network has the entire country asking, "What is Frank TV?" In two months we'll find out the answer is "that sketch comedy show with the impressionist guy that TBS canceled."

Your Chance to Help a Blogger in Need!

Help me locate a Mr. Hycenth A. Tasan of Liberia so that we might discuss some aspects of the business opportunity he is offering me. If I do not hear back from him soon, I'm afraid there is nothing I can do to help his boss Chuckie.

Aqua Dots Victims Had It Coming

The children's toy Aqua Dots has been recalled because it contains a chemical which when consumed produces GHB or "the date rape drug" within the human body. This news has sparked public outrage since kids playing with Aqua Dots are clearly too young to be dating.

Finale: Denver Is Safe Again

Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler's hunger knows no bounds, so how will the future John Elway deal with the munchies from within a Colorado jail cell?