Monthly archive September, 2007

Update: Jay Cutler Is Hungry For Some Reason

For some reason (wink, wink), Jay Cutler decides to have some food delivered before the big game.

Hernandez’s Head

Critically-acclaimed comedian Brian Hernandez mercilessly skewers the current and the cultural, whether in the studio or out on the street. Enter Hernandez's Head and immerse yourself in his unique, unflinching take on the world.

Mac Peripherals: Suck It JHod!

Computing without a Mac is virtually impossible. Computing with a Mac is extremely simple and illuminating.
Fuck You,!

Fuck You,!

Hey sit, spin, and then go fuck yourself.

Midseason Replacement: Ravens Blog

Prepare to following the adventures of the Ravens Blog team, the only group of journalists brave enough to cover the Ravens and fight a vigilante battle against mostly Ravens-related crime in Baltimore.

September Lookalike

Tori Spelling and Admiral Ackbar: separated at hatching?

What The Fuck Happened To Tori Spelling’s Face?

She's got her own show on the Oxygen Network and will be on next season's Dancing with the Stars, but what the fuck happened to Tori Spelling's face?

Mac, I’m Not Sure We Can Be Friends Anymore

Drew Barrymore caught making out with the “Mac guy"? PC (John Hodgman) isn't going to like this one bit ...

Spread Your Legs And Jam!

Bathroom foot-tapping is not a secret signal for some lewd and lascivious act - it just means you're rockin' out with your cockin out!