Monthly archive August, 2007

Movie Review: Home Alone 3!

We all loved Home Alone 3 when it debuted, but who among us that it offered insight into one of the most vexing problems of the 21st century?

Michael Vick Match Game!

Michael Vick faces felony charges of illegal dogfighting AND our celebrity panel from beyond the grave on tonight's episode of Match Game.

Insufferable Comedic Actor Deathmatch: French Stewart Vs. Chris Kattan

In celebration of the imminent premiere/cancellation of Fox’s new animated series "Two Dreadful Children," has decided to pit two of the show’s stars against one another to once and for all answer the question mankind has furiously debated since around 1997 or so: Who is the more loathsome mincing comic anathema, French Stewart or...

If You Were Jamie Kennedy, How Would You Fellate the Homeless Man In The Passenger Seat of Your Vehicle?

Here's a new party game that anyone can play. All you need is the power of your imagination!

LiveBlog: Caterpillar On My Porch

3:14 PM: Welcome to the Caterpillar on my Porch Liveblog. I’m hoping to bring you some interesting facts, figures and stories as I document this important event of a giant caterpillar crawling across my porch.

Drugs Are My Anti-Parkour

Parkour is an increasingly popular extreme sport practiced by thrill-seeking youths some time after being born and immediately before dying from parkour-sustained injures. It's also 100% fucking insane and more badass than smashing through a stack of 7 foot-thick blocks of ice with your dick.

Imagine If Dennis Kucinich Were Big

In what ways would the world be different if Dennis Kucinich were bigger than a ladybug?


Ron Paul and lolcats - two of the Internet's hottest memes finally together as one!

On Ron Paul, Getting High, Snorgling, And Other Nonsense

Ron Paul is a certifiable Internet phenomenon, just apparently not as big of one as cats licking guinea pigs and Jay Cutler looking stoned. But all that stands to change with the advent of the biggest thing to hit the Web since google ... lolrons!

Denver: Investment Opportunities Abound

A press release from Colorado's new divine monarchy outlines potential business opportunities now that abortion is forbidden in this great state.

Latent Racism And Vanderbilt University

Why is it that people from Vanderbilt get offended by suggesting honkies get high but are silent when the same thing is suggested about persons of color?

Fuck You, Vermont!

Is there any US state more worthless than Vermont? (NO!) Is this even up for debate? (NO!)