Monthly archive July, 2007

More Ron Paul

Since everyone can’t seem to get enough information on Ron Paul, here comes some more! Ron Paul anagrams to “P on Raul.”

Science Roundup, 2nd Quarter ’07

This article presents a brief sampling of important academic research findings of the past few months.

Who Is Ron Paul?

Who is Ron Paul? An Internet phenomenon? Definitely. The next President of the United States of America? Doubtfully. Why write about this also-ran with few supporters instead of about any number of other also-rans with few supporters? Because this also-ran’s supporters are fucking crazy.

Cute Overload!

Imagine if adorable animals could talk! What kind of adorable discussions do you think they would have? I'm guessing they would talk about Zionism and the morality of killing drug dealers!

From The Vaults: Brian Travels America

Riding America's historic railways is a great way to get to know the United States. The only downside? Most of the United States is incredibly fucking boring.