Monthly archive May, 2007

The Psychology of Subtle Details

A simple white border can make all the difference when it comes to communicating the particular message behind certain pieces of anal fisting photography.

Checkin’ In Wit’ Emo

Alt comic Emo Philips is NOT pleased that CBS situation comedy According to Jim is being sent out to pasture.

Does Any NFL Player As Consistently Look High As Does Jay Cutler?

Perhaps more so than any other NFL star, Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler always looks baked.


It's amazing that Hogan's Heroes was a real sitcom - what's next, jokes about the Holocaust?

Apocalyptic Visions

In the future, celebrity and social diseases will fuse into sentient (and gross) beings.

Why Does Charles Barkley Sound Like A Muppet In This T-Mobile Commercial?

Charles Barkley sounds like a Muppet in his newest T-Mobile ad with Dwayne Wade, but which Muppet is it?

Does Any NBA Player As Consistently Look High As Does Tracy McGrady?

More so than perhaps any other NBA superstar, Tracy McGrady always looks high - wassupwiddat?

Crucial Dialogue

Dialogue from the movie Sling Blade useful in everyday situations

When Promotional Gimmicks Go Bad: Jamie Kennedy’s Kickin It Old Skool

The promotional poster creator web application made available by the producers of the new Jamie Kennedy box office bomb Kickin it Old Skool can lead to all sorts of fun.

Celebrity Lookalikes, Cont’d

Mary Ann Rajskub of '24' looks like any (and every) female Garbage Pail Kid.