Monthly archive April, 2007

Have You Kicked It Yet???

Jamie Kennedy sucks and so does his shitty new movie Kickin' It Old Skool.

Robert Horry Looks Exactly Like Will Smith

It's borderline frightening how much NBA veteran Robert Horry looks like Hollywood veteran Will Smith and vice versa.

How To Get UNLIMITED Money For FREE From PayPal

It is theoretically possible to gain infinite money from eBay and PayPal, you just need infinite bank accounts to do it (so get to work).

I Figured It Out

Is incredibly gorgeous and alluring RGX Body Spray spokeswoman/model Rachel Specter not really incredibly gorgeous and alluring?

More Lookalikes

White guy Chris Cornell looks like not white guy Gary Doudan from CSI - go figure.

It’s Not Fair

Poor Skeet Ulrich: he never knew that Lil' Jon would make the world associate his name with spooge. Back to the Future 4 should be filmed about Skeet tricking his mother into naming him something else (or of Skeet killing Lil Jon before he makes crunk music famous).


John Burns looks like a bearded Kurt Vonnegut as much as Kurt Vonnegut looks like a beardless John Burns. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jean-Bertrand Aristide similarly share an amazing similarity (and neither has a beard).